Reykjafells is one of the leading supplier on electrical products for the professional market in Iceland. The company provide its wide range of products strategically around Iceland through around 20 educated, skilled and experienced sales representatives. Reykjafell also operates extensive service department responsible for two warehouses, logistic, customer assistance, etc. Among key customers are electrical companies, utilities, aluminum plants, fishing industry and construction companies.

Reykjafell operates 2 sales- & service centers in Iceland. The headquarter is located in Reykjavík, along with our main warehouse. The other service- & sales center is in Akureyri.

Reykjafell was founded in 1956 by Jóhann Ólafsson and operated by him and his family until 2005. The current owners are three employees who have worked for Reykjafell for many years; Mr. Hannes Helgason, Mr. Þorvaldur Guðmundsson and Mr. Ottó E. Guðjónsson.

Reykjafell has 38 employees, 35 in our main office in Reykjavík and 3 in our branch in Akureyri. Our core business is import, sales and support of electrical material for electricians, engineers and architects.
Reykjafell has four divisions and each division has its dedicated product manager, see below:

Mr. Ottó Gudjonsson

Power distribution division / owner


Mr. Páll Sturluson

Lighting Division


Mr. Þorvaldur Guðmundsson

General installation division / owner


Mr. Geir Geirson

Automation division


Professionalism First
Our product managers, salesmen and most warehouse staff are electricians or possess an extensive knowledge of the products we offer and can provide sound advice about products. Most key employees have worked with us for years and have a genuine interest in their work for the company. We encourage our product managers to attend professional exhibitions and share their expertise with other salesmen.

Share in the Knowledge
Over the years, Reykjafell has organised popular and well-attended introductory sessions on behalf of its main suppliers. A light meal is usually offered, followed by informative presentations. These sessions are normally held at Reykjafell or client facilities. Visits from student groups have also become a component of our activities.

The Contractor’s First Choice
Reykjafell’s products are generally sourced from about 100 suppliers, most based in Germany and the Nordic countries, as products from these countries have proved superior when it comes to quality and safety. In total, we offer about 18,000 products, with an aim to provide both the industry’s newest technology as well as classic items that have demonstrated their worth over the years.

Sizeable Warehouse
We have a big warehouse to maintain our stock. In most cases, products are available from our warehouse because we realize that time is money and professionals must have reliable access to products when needed.

Special Orders
In the unlikely event that you can’t find what you’re looking for or require something out of the ordinary, we can special order items for you.

Safety Is Number One
All materials we offer meet the strictest safety standards. It’s extremely important that all materials for electrical installation are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Representing the best.
Reykjafell represents manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world, mainly from Europe and the Nordic countries. Below you will see a list of company logos which Reykjafell has a good business relationship with, some of them have been in cooperation with Reykjafell for over 45 years. These companies make it possible for us to maintain a strong logistic with products of quality, reliability and most of all a good support for our customers, weather working in the marine, airport, domestic, utility or industrial sector.